1981-2019 - Bill Mathews - The Cheap Investor
2019-2021 - Ian Cooper - The Cheap Investor 2.0


We are retiring The Cheap Investor 2.0 newsletter in December 2021.

Bill Mathews was the founder and editor of The Cheap Investor for over 37 years. Bill retired in April 2019 but remained in close contact for quite some time as he helped transition the monthly writing of the newsletter over to Ian Cooper.

Bill is now focusing on his own investments and does not publish to the public.

Ian Cooper took over the newsletter in May 2019, he published under The Cheap Investor 2.0 and will continue to publish his own newsletter under a different name as of December 2021. At the end of 2021 we are also retiring the website www.thecheapinvestor.com, subscribers will receive their communication and newsletter directly from Ian Cooper.


We will continue to answer questions and concerns through support@thecheapinvestor.com