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Dear Investor,

For 36 years I have been asked the same question

How long do you hold a stock before it moves up and what is the average holding time for your stocks?

Unfortunately there is no set answer. It can take weeks, months or years. My goal is to find quality stocks at low prices that have good profit potential.

I look at the Track Record and Superstars as conversation pieces that ask you - the investor - a simple question …

Did your newsletter or broker recommend any of these stocks at these prices?

If you had subscribed to The Cheap Investor, you would have had the opportunity to buy all of these stocks at low prices and had the potential to make HUGE PROFITS.

bill mathewsYour's in success,

Bill Mathews, Editor & Founder

7+ Year
Track Record

Bill's lifelong goal — his reason for living — is uncovering quality stocks at incredibly low prices that have huge potential for profit.

And he's very good at it.

Just look at some of the big names on Bill's Superstar List for example. Or take a look at his entire 7 Year Track Record right here.

Now just to be clear. We are not saying you should buy every stock Bill recommends, or that you should necessarily hold them indefinitely. Every decision is entirely yours and we don't tell you when to sell.

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