How can I join The Cheap Investor?

The current best available offer is located under the "Subscribe" tab on the The Cheap Investor home page.

Just simply go to that 100% secure page, your information, and within a few minutes you’ll be getting all the benefits that many of The Cheap Investor readers have enjoyed for decades.

As always, there is a no-risk trial period for new readers. So, if at any time during that period (60 days), you decide The Cheap Investor is not right for you, just simply let us know and we’ll promptly send you a 100% refund.

Is The Cheap Investor independent?

The Cheap Investor is published by Bill Mathews. He is the founder and editor of the newsletter and has been at it for more than 36 years. He focuses 100% of his efforts on The Cheap Investor. Frankly, that’s how it has lasted so long.

The research published in the letter is 100% independent and consists of the conclusions and ideas Bill’s research leads him to.

Bill does not have to answer to Wall Street’s analysts and executives. He answers to The Cheap Investor readers.

It says my email address is already in use. What should I do?

If you get an error message when trying to register that your "email address is already in use" it is likely that you already have a member account with us. Please login first, then proceed with your purchase or upgrade. If you cannot remember your login details, no problem, click here and we will send them to you.

It says my IP address is being blocked, what now?

In an effort to keep our system safe and secure we use software to restrict suspicious IP addresses from trying to gain entry into our website. While this does an amazing job at keeping our system safe from hackers, occasionally an innocent IP address might also get blocked. If you feel your IP has been blocked, preventing you from logging into your account, please visit our IP Address Whitelisting request form here.

I am a new subscriber, how do I start using The Cheap Investor?

First off, congratulations on taking control of your own financial future. If you’re like thousands of others, The Cheap Investor will help you get where you want to go.

The Cheap Investor is set up so you can start using it today. After joining up, you’ll have instant access to the members-only portion of The Cheap Investor web site. There you’ll find a number of in-depth special reports, past issues of The Cheap Investor, and other exclusive research.

As a member you’ll be able to continue to use those resources, and you’ll receive e-mail notifications when new issues and reports are published.

I’m a premium subscriber to The Cheap Investor and my username and/or password don’t work?

If your username and password do not work, just contact our U.S.-based customer service team for assistance. You can email them at support@thecheapinvestor.com. They usually can get back to you within 24 hours.

Where do I sign in to the web site?

Readers of the premium The Cheap Investor can sign in on the top of the home page at www.thecheapinvestor.com.

How many issues will I receive?

The Cheap Investor is a monthly newsletter. It is published 12 times a year. Each new issue comes out normally after the third Saturday of each month. Readers are notified if there are any deviations to this schedule.

I signed up, but I am not receiving any e-mails from The Cheap Investor?

E-mail service providers are continually updating their filters.

If you are not getting The Cheap Investor e-mail notifications, there is a solution.

Start by checking out our full "whitelisting" instructions for the most commonly used e-mail services. Follow all of the steps listed there (it should take you about two or three minutes) and you should start seeing the e-mail notifications in your inbox.

Whitelisting Instructions

To ensure that the email we send you ends up in your inbox, and isn't mistakenly sent to the junk folder, please whitelist our email address, which is support@thecheapinvestor.com.

Below is information on how to whitelist us with AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, ThunderBird and Postini. Even if your ISP or email program is not listed, with these instructions you should be able to figure out how to whitelist our email address at any ISP or with any email program.

Also, if you find email from support@thecheapinvestor.com in your spam or junk folder, please take that opportunity to tell your mail program that it is not spam by hitting the "not spam", "not junk" or similar button, as that will train your program to whitelist it.


To add support@thecheapinvestor.com to your AOL address book:

1. Open an email from us and then click the 'This Is Not Spam' button
2. Click the Mail menu and select Address Book
3. Wait for the Address Book window to pop up, then click the 'Add' button
4. Wait for the Address Card for New Contact window to load
5. Paste support@thecheapinvestor.com into the ‘Other E-Mail’ field
6. Make our "From" address, support@thecheapinvestor.com, the Primary E-Mail address by checking the appropriate box
7. Click "Save"


To whitelist support@thecheapinvestor.com with Yahoo!, you will need to set up a "filter" after first taking the following steps:

1. If you find email from support@thecheapinvestor.com is going to your Yahoo! bulk folder, open it and click "Not Spam"
2. Be sure that the address support@thecheapinvestor.com is not in your "Blocked Addresses" list. If support@thecheapinvestor.com is on your "Blocked Addresses" list, select it and click "Remove Block"

Now to create the filter:

3. Open your mail and click on "Mail Options" in the upper right hand corner
4. Select 'Filters' (in the bottom left corner)
5. On the Filters page, click "Add"
6. Select the "From header:" rule, and add "contains" and support@thecheapinvestor.com, which tells the system to put email with support@thecheapinvestor.com in your inbox and not the bulk folder.
7. Click the "Choose Folder" pull down menu and select 'Inbox'
8. Pick the Add Filter button


To whitelist our address with Hotmail you will need to add support@thecheapinvestor.com to your Hotmail Safe List. Here's how:

1. First, if you find email from us in your Hotmail junk folder, open the email and click "Not Junk"
2. Next, check to see if if the email address support@thecheapinvestor.com is on your Blocked Senders list. If you find support@thecheapinvestor.com on your Hotmail blocked senders list, select it and click on the "Remove" button.
3. Next, open your mailbox and click "Options" in the upper right hand corner
4. At the top of the page, click on the "Junk E-mail Protection" link
5. Next, click on "Safe List", which is down near the bottom
6. Copy and paste support@thecheapinvestor.com where it says "Type an address or domain"
7. Click the "Add" button


1. First, if you find email from us in your Gmail spam folder, select our email and click the "Not Spam" button
2. Next, open an email that you have received from us
3. Click on the little down-pointing-triangle-arrow next to "Reply":
4. Click "Add The Cheap Investor to Contacts list"

Microsoft Outlook

1. On the Tools menu, click Options
2. On the Preferences tab, click Junk E-mail
3. On the Safe Senders tab, click Add
4. Add support@thecheapinvestor.com where it says "Add address"
5. Click OK


To whitelist in Thunderbird, you will need to add support@thecheapinvestor.com to your address book, and then set up your Thunderbird Junk Mail Controls to whitelist your address book.

1. First, if you find email from support@thecheapinvestor.com in your Junk folder, right-click on our email and choose "Mark as Not Junk"
2. Next, click the Address Book button
3. Highlight the Personal Address Book
4. Click on "New Card"
5. In the "Contact" tab of the new card, copy and paste support@thecheapinvestor.com to the email dialog box
6. Click "Ok"
7. Next, to whitelist your address book, select "Tools > Junk Mail Controls" from the drop down menu
8. Update the "White Lists" module under the "Settings" tab by selecting "Personal Address Book" from the drop down menu, and then check the box next to "Do not mark messages as junk mail"
9. Click "Ok"

Apple Mail for OS X

1. First, if email from support@thecheapinvestor.com ends up in your junk folder, highlight or open it and click "Not Junk" at the top of your screen.
2. Go to Mail > Preferences from your Mail menu
3. Go to the Rules tab
4. Select Add Rule
5. Give this rule a name such as "The Cheap Investor"
6. Create a rule that says "If any of the following conditions are met: 'From' 'Contains'" and then paste in "support@thecheapinvestor.com"
7. From the actions, select 'Move message' to mailbox 'Inbox'.
8. Click "OK"


You do not need to whitelist email from The Cheap Investor in Postini unless you find it trapped in the "Junk" area by Postini.

1. Log into your Postini account
2. Look to see if any email from support@thecheapinvestor.com is listed in your Junk area
3. If you find email from support@thecheapinvestor.com in the Junk area, check the check box next to the email from support@thecheapinvestor.com
4. Click the "Deliver Selected" link at the very top of the Junk screen
5. On the next screen, click the "Approve Sender" check box next to the email from support@thecheapinvestor.com
6. Click the "Approve Selected Senders" button

I do not live in the United States. Can I still subscribe to The Cheap Investor?

The Cheap Investor is valuable research for any investor or trader looking for original and thoughtful investment ideas. Thousands of readers have found it very helpful to them getting to their financial goals.

The Cheap Investor focuses mostly on stocks that trade on the major U.S. exchanges. However, many of its readers are not in the United States or Canada. Brokers in most countries have access to the NYSE and NASDAQ listed stocks.

If you live in or travel to almost any country in Asia, Europe, Australia, or South America, chances are you won’t be the only Cheap Investor there.

Can you give me personal investment advice?

The one thing The Cheap Investor absolutely does not do is provide personal investment advice.

Bill Mathews and The Cheap Investor staff are not licensed financial advisors, and none of the research published should be construed in any way as individualized or personalized financial or investment advice.

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Each month, we work hard to find a few great companies that have the potential of producing gains of 50%, 100% or more over a 12 to 18 month period.

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We believe the best way to make money is to invest in companies with good sales and earnings when the prices are near their lows – it’s what we call “CHEAP” Stocks! When the stock price rises to the high point of its cycle, smart investors sell for a tidy profit.

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