The U.S. needs more face masks – and fast.

Dr. Anthony Fauci just said the U.S. is “going in the wrong direction” and “would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 a day if this does not turn around.”

Making the situation far worse, the U.S. just ran out of free face masks.  And with demand outweighing supply, the U.S. could run into a massive problem.

If we see a boom in face mask demand, some of the top stocks to keep an eye on include:

Alpha Pro Tech (APT)

This is the company that makes disposable face masks for the public, so you can guess why they’ve had such an astounding run lately

3M (MMM)

3M also makes face masks and respirators, and could see big demand. As recently as April 2020, the company said, “The demand we have exceeds our production capacity.”  That could happen again, we believe, if the virus gets out of control again.

Etsy Inc. (ETSY)

ETSY exploded on face mask demand in recent weeks. “A surge in mask sales on ETSY since April has helped introduce its broader offerings to new shoppers,” wrote the Jefferies analysts, who recommend buying the stock and have a $110 price target,” reported CNBC.