Over the last few months, we added a new feature to The Cheap Investor 2.0 called the Hot List.

Every month, in addition to the monthly Cheap Investor newsletter, we send out a Hot List of opportunities we believe could double, if not triple your investment.

And so far, we’ve had great success.

In fact, in late September 2019, we highlighted three hot biotech stocks and watched as they exploded.  Those included:

Axsome Therapeutics (AXSM)

When we highlighted AXSM, it traded at just $27.05.  It’s now up to $103 a share.

Mallinckrodt PLC (NYSE:MNK)

MNK traded at $2.52 in late September 2019.  It’s now up to $3.70.


DRRX traded at $2.15.  It’s now up to $3 for a win of 40%.

To start getting the monthly Host List, all you have to do is subscribe to The Cheap Investor 2.0.

From what we’re hearing, the returns from Hot List Trades are pay for the subscription many times over.  To start receiving The Cheap Investor 2.0 and the Hot List Trades, click here.