REITs are one of the best opportunities on the market today.

Especially with interest rates on the way down.

Since 1960, REITs have beaten stocks by up to a full percentage point, according to a Netherlands’ report titled  Historical Returns of the Market Portfolio.

After examining global stocks between 1960 and 2017, researchers found that the best investments weren’t stocks or gold – but real estate.  In fact, over that time frame, real estate investment companies and trusts beat inflation by an average of 6.4% a year, as compared to 5.45% for global stocks.

In addition, over a 20-year time frame, that gap would be enough to raise your total returns by up to a third, as pointed out by MarketWatch.

The best part – real estate returns have been incredibly consistent.

Since 1960, real estate suffered maybe one bad decade – the 1990s when real estate returns were barely above zero.  But in every decade other than that, real estate has produced returns ranging from 6% to 7%, according to the Netherlands’ study.

Those facts don’t lie.

Along with historical strength, most investment trusts have sky-high yields we just can’t ignore.  After all, if we do, we miss out on building an explosively rewarding nest egg.

The best part – the Federal Reserve has been fueling the fire with interest rate cuts, and another likely cut just days from now.  With a drop in global economic growth expectations, along with trade tensions, investors are naturally gravitating toward the safer havens, like REITs.

The best part of REITs – they’ll pay you fat dividends.

Plus, they have a strong history of outperforming in times of rising and falling interest rates.

We’ll share some ideas with you shortly.  Stay tuned for more.