Here are some of the top stories you may have missed.

This ETF Could be a Top Winner if Trade War Heats Up Again

While the U.S. and China have restarted trade talks, mid-2019, a comprehensive deal was still a ways off, if one happened at all.  All after China added another member to its negotiating team – Commerce Minister Zhong Shan who was seen as a hardliner.

Three Top Ways Investors Screw Up Their Trade Results

Mistakes will be made, even by the pros.  However, if you’re aware of potential issues, the better off you are. Experienced traders get into a trade with a plan. They know exact entry and exit points, the amount of capital to invest in the trade and the maximum loss they are willing to take. Failure to plan can – and oftentimes will – lead to unnecessary loss.

The Wild New Stock Exchange No One's Talking About

Renowned market expert predicts this new exchange - set to go live in less than 60 days - could see the biggest stock gains of 2019.  Full story here.

The U.S. Is Staging Troops at A Key Saudi Military Base That It Used During All Of Our Previous Middle East Wars

The U.S. military is following many of the exact same patterns that we witnessed during our previous wars in the Middle East, and that even includes setting up shop at a key military base deep in the heart of the Arabian-peninsula.

Insider Buying: Two Stocks to Keep an Eye On

This is a new feature we wanted to add to our weekly editorial on The Cheap Investor.

It comes to you at no extra cost.  Every week, we want to highlight stocks that are seeing interesting insider buying.  Last week, for instance, we highlighted Carnival Corporation (CCL), which has already run from an opening price on July 15, 2019 of $46.25 to $46.45 so far.

It’s not much, but it’s still worth keep an eye on, regardless of what you think of the stock.

225 Winners and Counting!

For the past decade, one of Wall Street's top technical analysts has been making one spot-on prediction after another...from the 2008 market crash to this historic bull market and even the late-2018 mini-crash. Since 2016, he's recommended more than 225 winning trades to his followers.  Click here to discover how you can leverage his unique ability to predict the markets.