President Donald Trump may be the next cannabis catalyst.

Just days ago, the President said he would support bipartisan efforts in Congress to ease the federal ban on marijuana.  Part of the reason for that is the current ban has created sizable conflict with states that have legalized its use in some form.

New legislation now seeks to ensure that states  have the right to determine on their own the best approach to marijuana legalization inside their own borders.

Cannabis Could be a Key Issue in Trump’s 2020 Run, As Well

In addition, should the President make legalization a key issue in his 2020 run, it could help him gain the support of younger voters.

“By supporting cannabis, Trump may be able to incrementally broaden his appeal with swing voters without alienating his base,” noted analysts at Piper Jaffray.

One factor that could influence Trump’s decision is which candidate Democrats choose to run against him, noted the firm. At the moment, nearly every Democratic contender for the 2020 nomination is in support of legalizing cannabis at the federal level.  Many have also proposed expunging non-violent marijuana convictions.  All with the exception of Joe Biden, though.

Others are quickly running to support it with hopes of gaining votes.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has co-sponsored a bill with Republican Sen. Cory Gardner to protect state legalization efforts and has said on the campaign trail that she favors legalization at the federal level.

Sen. Kamala Harris favors nationwide legalization as well.

Sen. Kirsten Gellibrand unveiled her plan to legalize marijuana, which includes taxing legal cannabis and helping small businesses.

Sen. Cory Booker introduced the Marijuana Justice Bill in the U.S. Senate, which would legalize marijuana, expunge criminal records of nonviolent marijuana convictions and creates a “community reinvestment fund.”

In short, cannabis will make major headlines, as the 2020 presidential run heats up.