Here are some of the top investing stories you may have missed.

Trade War 2019: How to Protect Your Portfolio as the War Intensifies

At the start of May 2019, we warned volatility could be a problem.  All as trade war fears continue to mount.  In fact, as this is being written, Dow futures were set for another 230-point drop at the open on Thursday morning.  That came after the press reported the U.S. was considering restrictions on Hikvision – a Chinese surveillance equipment provider.

Hidden Income ‘Hack’

This hidden income strategy was just leaked and it can be yours now. It goes in depth about how you can start off with a small account and turn that into your own weekly paycheck. Learn how you can GAIN that extra advantage over what others aren't doing.  Click here to get this secret.

CBD Beverages: Three Big Companies that May Want In on Cannabis

Corporate America is using CBD and hemp oil in everything from lotions and pain balm to beverages.  President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill into law.  Even better, according to Arcview Market Researcher and BDS Analytics, global spending on cannabis is expected to rocket 38% this year to $16.9 billion up from $12.2 billion in 2018.

Flip $1,000 into $1.3 Million (without touching stocks)

Former Lehman Brothers executive reveals one of Wall Street's best kept secrets. A proven system for turning $1,000 into $1.3 Million (or more) - without touching the stock market.  In fact, this system is responsible for the most profitable investment of all time! Click here for details.

How the Greatest Investors Have Historically Traded Fear

There’s an old investment adage to buy when things take a turn for the worst. While that sounds great in theory, human psychology makes it difficult. Even thinking about investing in a stock that’s been declining—or has been making bad news headlines—tends to put most of us into flight mode and avoid it all together.