Here are some of the top stories you may have missed.

The Cannabis M&A Boom has Only Just Begun

There’s sizable long-term growth in store for cannabis.  Analysts at  Cowen say the U.S. cannabis market could rocket to $16 billion by 2025.  Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics say the worldwide market could explode to $57 billion by 2027.  In the U.S., North American cannabis sales could reach $47.3 billion just over the next decade as well, they note.

Fortune : Lyft and Uber to IPO in 2019

Billion-dollar IPOs are coming soon...and it all starts in in the coming weeks.  Fortune Magazine predicts that Lyft, Pinterest and Uber will go public in 2019. This FREE report reveals all the details on these hidden profit plays...get it before it's too late. Click here to download now

JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon is Terrified of Cyber Attacks

A few keystrokes are all it takes.  All of a sudden, your most private information is in the hands of criminals. Your most personal information, banking details, social security numbers, your children's information... all at risk.  Yet, many of us are still not prepared, as it gets worse.

What's terrifying is that our own government isn't prepared -- at all.

The Search for The Perfect Pot Stock is Over

2019 is off to crazy start for many marijuana stocks, some reaching all-time highs. But at 250 times earnings where is the upside? The key is to play pot stocks like Buffett, find undervalued companies with great long-term earning potential, like this gem we've uncovered.

Five Top Reasons to Own Oil Stocks Now

Investors are just beginning to push back into oil stocks for five powerful reasons. “Core-OPEC producers are adopting a shock and awe strategy, and exceeding their cut commitment,” says Goldman Sachs, as quoted by Bloomberg.