Here are some of the top stories you may have missed.

Is a US Market Crash Inevitable in the Second Quarter?

Red flags are popping up that indicate the current economic cycle has peaked and has nowhere to go but down. Most recently the yield curve inverted for the first time since 2007. Yield curve inversions have preceded all U.S. recessions since 1955. Is there a way to keep your retirement savings out of this next crash? Yes, there is. It's the same solution billionaires are turning to in droves.  Request Your Free Guide Now

YOLO ETF: The Cannabis Industry’s Latest Bet on Growth

The cannabis boom is here. And it’s not going away.  In fact, it’s only just begun.  Not only has the cannabis story disrupted alcohol, cigarettes, food, pharmaceuticals, and the global wellness industry.  Even major retailers are jumping on board, seeing incredible opportunities for growth.

Neiman Marcus is pushing ahead with CBD sales at some of its stores and online. Simon Property Group is partnering with Green Growth Brands to open 108 stores in its malls just in 2019. Barney’s will launch “The High End.” CVS will carry a line of CBD products in eight states.  Even Walgreen’s will sell CBD products, including creams, patches, and sprays.

Apple 5G iPhone: Why It’s Time to Add 5G to your Portfolio

Apple just gave 5G a big shot in the arm. After a surprise settlement with Qualcomm, Apple is now in a position to bring a 5G iPhone to market as early as this fall 2019.  “For consumers this is important,” as reported by USA Today. “Apple can stay competitive and give their customers a 5G experience no later than 2020. It also means that Qualcomm and Apple can be more aggressive in helping drive 5G innovation in the new decade.”

The Smart Way to Play the Soaring Global Video Games Market

The global video game market has nearly doubled - to $135 billion - over the last ten years...with experts projecting even more growth ahead. This Special Report reveals the 5 top video game stocks best positioned to take advantage of this market's rapid growth.  Click Here to Download the FREE Report

Why it Pays to Diversify Your Portfolio with Small Cap Stocks

Small cap stocks, or stocks whose market cap fall between $300 million and $2 billion, should always be part of a well-balanced portfolio for three key reasons. One reason is the historical performance of small-cap stocks.  All thanks to strong financial performance and tax reform, which reduced the corporate tax rate on small cap stocks to 21% from 35%.