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Here are some of the top stories you may have missed.

Two of the Best Ways to Trade the Cannabis Story

Not only did Canada just legalize its use, corporate America has only just begun to jump on the bandwagon.  DSW has been running tests in its stores with CBD, announcing plans to expand such products to nearly 100 stores.  Neiman Marcus is pushing ahead with CBD sales at some of its stores and online. Simon Property Group is partnering with Green Growth Brands to open 108 stores in its malls just in 2019.

It’s Time to Jump into One of the Year’s Hottest Opportunities

The 5G boom is upon us.  Over the next 16 years, it could create a sizable $12 trillion opportunity.  The U.S. committed up to $400 million to 5G over the last three years. China will invest up to $400 billion on 5G by 2025 with 430 million users. South Korea invested $1.5 billion in the technology. Germany is in for $100 billion.

Fortune : Lyft and Uber to IPO in 2019

Billion-dollar IPOs are coming soon...and it all starts in in the coming weeks.  Fortune Magazine predicts that Lyft, Pinterest and Uber will go public in 2019. This FREE report reveals all the details on these hidden profit plays...get it before it's too late. Click here to download now.

For the Best Investing Results, Ask Yourself these 3 Key Questions

Investing isn’t easy.  If it were, everyone would be doing it. With anything practice and plenty of patience are required.  Even then, you’d be shocked to learn how many of us make it virtually impossible to find success at all.  We try a million things.  We get caught up in the fear of missing out.  We follow the advice of whatever we hear on CNBC.  We take advice from our know-it-all neighbor.

The Search for The Perfect Pot Stock is Over

2019 is off to crazy start for many marijuana stocks, some reaching all-time highs. But at 250 times earnings where is the upside? The key is to play pot stocks like Buffett, find undervalued companies with great long-term earning potential, like this gem we've uncovered.