From the Desk of Ian Cooper

Here are some of the Top News stories you may have missed:

The Only Time to Consider Trading Boeing

In just two days, the stock lost 56 points on news that an Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed, sadly leaving no survivors.  This came just months after another deadly crash involving the same model in Indonesia, which also left no survivors after five months ago.  The plane used for both was a 737 MAX 8 jet, one of the company’s top-selling planes.

Three of the Best Ways to Trade the eSports Boom

The eSports boom is upon us.  In just 2019, the global eSports boom is expected to grow to 453.8 million – year over year growth of 15%, according to Newzoo.

Surprising Look At Who's Going Bankrupt In America

The man who predicted the collapse of GM, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and more says the next big bankruptcy is going to catch everyone by surprise - and has a stunning twist that will dramatically affect you and your money. Multi-millionaire issues this serious warning here...

Lyft IPO: There’s a Better Way to Trade It

It’s likely to be one of the hottest IPOs of the year.  Over the last week, Lyft filed to raise up to $100 million in a public offering, and will soon list on the NASDAQ under the ticker, “LYFT.” Anticipation is already running high.  Investors are getting excited. But as with most IPOs, we urge caution.  Oftentimes, it’s the little guys that get left holding the bag.  Out of the gate, smaller investors will scramble to buy. Demand will outweigh supply. 

Stocks just did something really spooky

This market has everyone on edge. But what if I told you the Dow could reach 31,000 by this time next year? could be a roller coaster ride through hell to get there. "Sitting tight" is the WORST thing you could do. Free video reveals exactly WHAT will happen in the market...and HOW to take full advantage of it. Watch it now.