Since we launched The Cheap Investor, we’ve watched the Dow Jones Industrials soar from just 750 in August 1981 to a recent high of 21,988.

The S&P 500 roared from 131 to 2478.

The NASDAQ rocketed from a low of 210 to 6,475, far surpassing a 2000 high of 4,553.

Over the years, there have been many changes in research methods.  In 1981, for example, there was no Internet. Research was done at the library or by contacting a company directly asking them to mail the latest 10K, 10Q and any press releases that were being issued.

You couldn’t hop on Yahoo Finance to check out a stock.  It didn't exist.

You had to call your brokerage firm for a stock price quote, or you relied on printed prices in major newspapers like The Wall Street Journal or Investors’ Business Daily.

The technology breakthroughs that allow us to easily surf the web, typing a company’s stock symbol and pulling up the latest price and key statistics or accessing the company’s website for information about its management, products and financial situation make finding information a breeze.

Today’s investor has as much information on the Internet as any stockbroker.

Over that time, one thing has remained the same, though.

When we first set out to help others make money, our goal was to show investors a new way – a better way – to approach investing with a heavy reliance on fundamental research.

And so far, it’s paid off quite well.

Over the last few years alone, readers have enjoyed wins as high as 4,851% on ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, and 1,617% on Celator Pharmaceuticals.  Just this month, they had the opportunity to realize a gain of 1,970% with EnviroStar.

CymaBay Therapeutics was a buy in the November 2015 issue at $1.62. It would hit a high of $7.77 for a potential win of 380%. VOXX International more than doubled from our March recommendation at $4.25 to $9.00 or 112%.  Halcon Resources (HK) shot up 82% from our recommendation last month at $3.79 to a high of $6.19. That’s an impressive move for just one month.

We recommend small-cap stocks with strong fundamental qualities and a low stock price that are unfairly ignored by Wall Street.

We have almost four decades of experience in sifting through the available information for those nuggets of gold. We summarize our research for candidates that seem to be a good investment and write an easy-to-understand buy recommendation.

That will never change.

We will continue to spend long hours to ferret out undervalued stocks to recommend in

The CHEAP Investor, as we strive to continue our streak as one of the best performing stock newsletters in the industry.

Here’s to the next 36 years.