I can’t tell you who’s going to win this election.

The only safe bet is there are going to be a lot more surprises.

However, the way things are shaping up, there’s going to be one big winner this election.

It’s not Trump.

It’s not Hillary.

It’s definitely not the 70% of voters dissatisfied with either candidate either.

It’s something else entirely and it’s going to create some massive winners for investors the next few months, weeks, and probably years too.


The big winner this election season is shaping up to be marijuana.

If you’re like me, you’re already turned off.

It’s not the product that turns me off, although I don’t understand the market for the product at all.

The turn-off is the the endless promises and claims we’ve heard about marijuana stocks.

For years it’s been touted as the “next big thing.”

Years later it’s still the “next big thing.”

This is election, however, will be the catalyst that likely changes all that.

Let me explain.

The full legalization of marijuana is on the ballot in five states (this isn’t “medicinal marijuana,” this outright legalization like Colorado, Washington, and Canada already have).

According to polls it’s going to be a big winner too.

Legalization is most popular in California where 60% of voters say they approve.

Legalization is least popular in Arizona. Still though, 50% of voters here say they’re going to approve.

That means to me it’s going to carry at least four out of the five states and increase the total marijuana market about four or five times over.

In other words, it’s big.

And for investors, it’s finally time to move.

Perception Is Reality

Up to this point, marijuana stocks have been a really hit-and-miss sector with a lot more misses than hits.

You see, investing in marijuana stocks is anything but a straightforward proposition.

It shouldn’t be.

Marijuana producers and distributors are making fortunes in the states where it’s legal right now.

But the laws and regulations make it much more complicated for investors because any company engaged in growing or selling marijuana cannot be publicly traded.

That leaves only a handful of publicly-traded companies which are often only marginally tied to the business attracting investor capital.

Just Google the most popular “ways to get in on weed stocks” and you’ll quickly see what I mean.

You have both big and small opportunities.

On the small side, you have a company like MassRoots (MSRT).

It has positioned itself as the “Social Platform For Marijuana.”

It claims 900,000 users (Facebook has 1.2 billion) and millions of customer interactions.

Are these users worth $30 million (MassRoots current market cap)?

Are they worth anything now?

Will they ever be worth anything?

It’s too early to tell.

And if it was, Facebook would just have to open up a marijuana section and it’d all be over anyways.

It’s a classic high-risk/low-reward situation.

Of course, that’s just one of the smaller opportunities.

The bigger ones may be even stupider. 

One of the largest and most cited “ways to get in on weed stocks” is with Microsoft (MSFT).

The software giant by partnering with KIND Financial to help develop products for management and security of the marijuana business.

Here’s the obvious problem.

Let’s say this deal ads $100 million in revenue to Microsoft in five years.

That’d be a huge success for KIND Financial.

However, it’s not going to mean anything to the software king which is booking $77 billion in annual revenues.

That’s what makes the marijuana stock boom an especially tricky one.

Yes, we know there’s big growth coming, yet the only ways to get in on it range from high-risk to outright nonsensical.

So that kind of sets up our goal for the next week or so here.

The marijuana boom is set to take another major step forward in a few weeks…

The market is about to grow 4X or 5X overnight....

Is there a safe and legal way to get in on it for the regular investor?

I honestly can’t answer that today.

On Thursday and Friday when we get together I’m sure I’ll have answer for you.

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