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On Tuesday, November 8, millions will not only vote on the next U.S. president, but many will also vote on medicinal and recreational marijuana use.

Already, four states have legalized its recreational use (Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon) expanding the cannabis market 17% to $5.4 billion in the last year.  In Colorado alone, marijuana sales skyrocketed to $996.18 million in 2015 – a record setting finish for the year. It allowed the state to collect more than $135 million in taxes and fees that year – more than $35 million of which went to school construction projects.

Another five states could legalize pot on a recreational level this year. Arizona, Maine, Nevada, Massachusetts and California. In fact, if California were to approve its recreational use, the state could collect more than $1 billion a year in tax revenue from marijuana alone.

By 2018, the total state market for the drug could reach $6.6 billion…


When it comes to medical marijuana, the $2.9 billion market could also more than double if other states begin to legalize the use of cannabis in medications. In fact, this November, voters in Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota will vote.

Overall, the industry could be worth well over $50 billion by 2016. 

That’s a trend you want to be a part of today.

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