Sometimes the most beautiful returns come from the most ignored stocks on the market. We’ve proven that dozens of times over the last 30+ years, in fact.

For example, in the October 2015 edition of The Cheap Investor, we noted NNVC was being ignored 46% off June 2015 highs.  After finding that it had several drug candidates in various stages of FDA approval, a large amount of cash on hand, and recent insider buying by the company’s largest shareholder, we issued a buy recommendation…

Shortly after, shares of NNVC would rocket to a recent high of $3.44 for a potential return of 180%, in part because it got caught up in a wave of buying momentum on the zika virus story.

At the same time, information on its anti-virus platform technology had just been published in the Handbook of Clinical Nanomedicine, Vol. I.

In fact, according to the press release:

“This chapter introduces the novel NanoViricides nanotechnology that possesses potent antiviral efficacy by targeting the mechanisms by which viruses attach or bind to cells.  A nanoviricide is believed to act like a decoy of a human cell. When the virus sees the appropriate mimic of its cell-binding site displayed on a nanoviricide, the virus binds to it. The Company believes that the flexible nanoviricide enables cooperative binding of the nanoviricide to additional sites on the virus surface in a velcro-like effect.”

“This maximization of virus binding would lead to the nanoviricide spreading onto the virus particle, fusing with the virus surface, and then engulfing the virus. In the process, the coat proteins that the virus uses for binding to cells would be expected to become unavailable, and could fall off the virus surface.  This highly targeted attack would lead to the loss of the viral coat proteins and the nanoviricide may further dismantle the engulfed virus capsid.  The loss of virus particle integrity would neutralize the virus, making the virus non-infectious.”

NanoViricidesAs we wait to see what happens next, we can enjoy the current potential gain of 180%.

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