+246% Average Gains

345 Winning Stocks from 354 Picks (97.4% winners)

Hard to believe, but absolutely true. Unlike many of our peers, our long and documented history of picking winning stocks speaks for itself. Our track record has been available to our members since 1981 and we publish the last six years right here.

The following chart shows the average gains for 2014 (through 12/31/2014) for The Cheap Investor, compared to the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P 500. As you can see, Cheap Investor premium subscribers are beating the markets by huge margins.

The Cheap Investor vs. Dow, NASDAQ, S&P 500 in Year 2014

Important Disclaimer

Always remember past performance is no guarantee of future results and you should always discuss any investment with a qualified advisor. Please read our full disclaimer here.

Bill's Top Stock Picks

2014 Picks

Many of the stocks picked in 2014 still need some time to run, but we've already had an incredible 12 picks with gains over 50%.

2013 Picks

From 2013 we had 13 stock picks vault to over 100% gains, and had 18 with 50% gains or greater.

2012 Picks

From 2012, 21 of our recommendations gained 50% or more, including 6 stocks that soared well over 100%.

2011 Picks

From 2011, we picked 23 companies that vaulted over 50%, with Arena Pharma climbing an eye popping 878%, while Global Cash Access shot up 198%.

2010 Picks

From 2010 our subscribers received 62 winning stocks back-to-back. That’s an average of 5 winning picks per month in 2010.

2009 Picks

From 2009, we picked an unbelievable 52 stocks that ran for gains over 100%, including Insmed (INSM) that ran for 2753% potential gains.

Ongoing 6-Year Track Record

Updated 1/7/2015